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About Me

I am a mum of two lovely boys who are equal parts adorable and utter chaos! I created Lotus Flower Yoga to be able to provide Yoga, Meditation and alternative therapies  to those who needed some  time away from the stresses of everyday life.

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness have become essential in my life and have helped me tremendously through some difficult and challenging times. I have been blessed to have spent time with  Buddhist monks who have passed on their knowledge, wisdom and techniques to me and regularly attend different workshops and courses to further broaden my own knowledge and practice. My Yoga Teacher Training was the missing piece of the puzzle and it has been  so rewarding to be able to teach others my passion.  I hope one day to be able to run my own retreats both in the UK and abroad.

Alternative therapies have been a crucial part of my life from an early age and as an adult, I am no stranger to stress, exhaustion and burnout which inspired me to look further into the physical, emotional and mental effects these have upon the body. 

I have always loved receiving holistic therapies and have a strong interest in the eastern massage arts, ayurvedic medicine, the healing arts, the chakras and the meridian systems in the body. The treatments I offer are ones I love to receive myself and which offer so many health and wellbeing benefits.


Davina xxx